We believe that creativity is the focal point of every marketing communication campaign. It turns generic brand messages into authentic and memorable means of communication. We went into details on the importance of authentic communication in the previous blogpost of ours. Essentially, creative communication supporting authentic brand values is a way to surpass information filter around conscious consumers, catch their attention, persuade them to open their wallets and buy your products and services.

“Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising. Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending, and builds a fan community…faster.”

                                           – Stephan Vogel, CCO of Ogilvy & Mather

Digital technology brought  enormous amount of data into disposal of brand owners, marketers and advertisers. In fact according to the last years’ study, marketers and media professionals are drowning in data but starving for actionable insights. Although survey respondents have an overwhelming amount of data at their fingertips, nearly two-thirds reported that finding actionable insights in the data was a major pain point. Marketers are constantly buzzing about delivering advertisements to the right person at the right time in the most efficient manner, that they often forget is a fundamental truth in advertising: without creativite message and coherent visual content none of the things mentioned above really matter.

Creative quality is the primary determinant of the success in marketing communications. The data from MarketingLand.com shows that creative quality is four times more important than the media plan in driving sales and that creative is the single most important factor, accounting for over half (52 percent) of the changes in a brand’s sales over time.

In addition, nearly half of the probability that an ad will be looked at depends on the creative itself (47.3 percent); this is five times more important than targeting (10.7 percent). Creative quality is a key driver of the awareness and impact of an ad; high-quality creative increases ad viewing time six times (5.8x) and nearly doubles purchase intent (+93 percent).

Moreover, two years ago IPA has published a study about the links between creativity and effectiveness, including a finding that creatively-awarded commercial campaigns (winners of Creative Effectiveness Lions and IPA Effectiveness Awards) were on average seven times more efficient than non-creatively awarded campaigns in delivering market share growth per point of extra share of voice (defined as a brand’s share of voice minus its market share).

A study by Harvard Business Review revealed dramatic variation in overall creativity scores across the German TV campaigns and found out that a euro invested in a highly creative ad campaign had, on average, nearly double the sales impact of a euro spent on a non-creative campaign. Finally, the global creative database at Ipsos shows that 75 percent of an ad’s impact is determined by creative quality.

To sum-up, here at citrusmedia we believe that creative communication will always win against any technology which can generate data, messages or even ideas because creativity connects on emotional level: shocks, intimidates, makes you laugh and cry. Creativity makes us human.

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