We are introducing a new initiative from citrusmedia – our blog, which will provide tips on effective marketing communication and insights of the media industry. Every week we will thoroughly craft an informative piece about trending MarComs of online/offline media to help you maximize the impact of your brand communication. Moreover, we are eager to hint you about models and methods to plan, strategize and measure the results of your communication campaigns. We will also recommend communication channels and appropriate touch-points to specific demographic segments in order to maximize the effect of your brand communication. 

In the first category of our blog, we will guide you through the changes in communication landscape caused by digitization and keep you up to date with global digital advertising trends. Our goal will be to help you navigate through the latest marketing communication tendencies such as Data-driven marketing and advertising, AI’s Impact on advertising, VR/AR as a communication medium and many more.

Secondly, we will put the emphasis on the non-digital outside world we live in and provide the insight on effective off-line communication. Some of the topics we will focus are multi-channel communication (merging the line between offline and online), events and the power of sampling, a creative potential in off-line communication and more.

As we cannot imagine brand communication without Social Media these days, the third section of our blog will be fully dedicated to taking the most of the social networks as communication channels. You can expect to read the articles about the effective content, insights of SoMe channels, effective monitoring, analytics, tools and best practices in the field.

Finally, we wish to inspire you with creative ways to communicate your message. That’s why some of the future blog posts will be filled with bold ideas and great examples of creative brand communication from all over the world.

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